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Latch Hook Kits for Adults, 47.2X11.8in/120cmX30cm

Latch Hook Kits for Adults, 47.2X11.8in/120cmX30cm

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Explore your creative side with this Latch Hook Kits for Adults! Each kit contains enough materials to make a 120cmX30cm flowery masterpiece that you can hang on the wall or give as a unique gift. So go ahead and get hookin'!


1> This colorful block & stripe design makes latch hook kits easy to start.

2> Fabric pre-prints pattern & colors help to choose same-colored wool for crocheting.

3> Non-slippery silicone backed & stitched for using as home rug.

4> Included are two crochet hooks - a plastic one & a big wooden-handled one.

5> Wool is pre-cut - each color is apart.


> A gift-worthy box contains everything for storage & gifting.

Delivery Time:

> 10 days USA ; 15-20 days others.

After-sales Service:

>Email response to any queries within 12 hours

>Free shipping if there is not enough wool

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