New Product-Hummingbird Tapestry

Relax and let your creative juices flow! Our latch hook kits are here to help you concentrate and channel your skills into crafting something fantastic! Enjoy hours of peaceful and rewarding fun as you build something beautiful and unique.

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yakoleci latch hook kits


Seaside Scenery Latch Hook Kits

These cat kits are your ticket to creating a cozy space and adding a unique, handmade touch to your room. Whether it's a wall hanging, rug or pillow, our kits keep your crafty needs floor-filled!

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Sunflower Latch Hook Kits

Make Christmas extra merry with these sunflower latch hook kits! This festive activity will get everyone in the holiday spirit! Jingle your way to a jolly season with these gifts that keep on giving - keep your hands busy to keep your heart light!

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  • Cat with the letters HOME

    Discover Spellbinding Beauty: Transform Your Home Space with Exclusive Cat Compositions

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  • black and white avatar

    Embark on an Epic Quest: Explore the Extraordinary World of our Black and White Avatar

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  • Desert Cactus

    Experience Elegance and Flawless Craftsmanship with our Enchanting Collection Inspired by Desert Cacti

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About yakoleci

yakoleci is a company specializing in the production of latch hook ktis, established in 2018, the company is set up in Henan, the central part of China. Since the beginning to now we only produce latch hook kits, so we have the ability to make better products.
We started selling on Amazon in 2018,currently dominating the latch hook kits category with more than 50,000 kits of latch hook kits sold per year.

yakoleci keeps developing new patterns to give customers more choices.
Adopting non-slip backing, it can be placed on the floor as a daily floor mat when finished, broadening the usage scenario.
For wool colors that are easy to confuse, we put codes on the wool shell to make it easier for you to distinguish.
We use recyclable cartons to package our products and contribute to the cleanliness of the earth.
If you find a color of wool is not enough, please contact us to replenish it!

Thank you for supporting our business! We will do better!